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We just got wind of this extremely easy to use tool that can be used to find properties that are in foreclosure anywhere in the country. Foreclosures, and the methodologies that surround their successful acquisition can be tricky - but very profitable ventures for anyone looking for ways to leverage capital. has released a new online website filled with helpful articles, tips, and most important lists of homes in foreclosure for every state in the country. This helpful online tool eliminates literally day's spent in county records offices searching for foreclosure filings from public records.

Homes in foreclosure come from a variety of sources, which complicates things for investors, or individuals looking for a new home when trying to use this esoteric methodology to reduce investment costs.'s new website aggregates lists, ferreted out from records offices around the country, and presents them to you in the easiest to use online tool We have ever seen. Finding federal, HUD, Bank, repossessed, government seized, or any other type of foreclosed home now takes just minutes - not days. No more combing through research from long hours browsing through records (in one county office), you have access to all (any number of counties) in one easy to use tool.

We got excited about this one so thought we would pass it on. We know of many investors who have made this work, and made it work VERY well. This new tool just makes it all easier, and thus hands this opportunity to the average consumer (they also have a special section just for investors). We can now all participate.

Take a few moments and see what they are offering. We are betting that you will be just as excited about it as we are.

Their website and online tools, articles, guides and everything else can be found at:


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