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NPR reports on changes in the Real Estate Industry

According to NPR (National Public Radio), they are. We have heard similar reports from a recent 20-20 news report. With the recent infusion of technology in this industry, and the higher efficiencies that resulted, we think its changing too. This is an excerpt from that broadcast:

U.S. homebuyers and sellers paid more than $60 billion in real-estate commissions last year. Despite new technology, commissions have remained at around 6 percent. Federal regulators blame anti-competitive foot-dragging by the industry. But realtors say their business is more competitive than ever.

Its nice to see that NPR is commenting on this, and we are sure there are more than a few concerned Real Estate agents in this country who also heard it, and in their hearts agree.

A few Innovative Realtors are working very hard to find new ways of returning that savings to their Home Buyers and Home Sellers. We plan to be a major part of this initiative.

To hear more of this broadcast, go to National Public Radio. They do not currently have the article in print, but you can listen to the report using the link at the top of the article.


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