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Closing is in a few days, and its time to take a final walk through your soon-to-be new home. Take a moment, perhaps print this list, and be sure to consider the following items as you complete this step in your home purchase:

  • Have all requested (or agreed upon) repairs been made? Be sure to get copies of any bills or warranties.
  • Are all items included in the sale still there? For example, draperies, lighting, appliances...
  • All are window screens accounted for, and either in place or stored?.
  • Have you tested each kitchen appliance to confirm that it is in working order?
  • Are the doorbell, and any intercom or alarm working?.
  • Is the Hot Water Working?
  • Does the Air Conditioning blow cool air?
  • Are all plants, shrubs and trees still there?
  • Does the Garage Door opener work? Do have the remotes, and other other remotes for the home (like fan remotes).
  • Do you have the Owners Manuals, or any Instruction documentation for the major mechanical (appliances etc..) systems of the house?.
  • Has the seller removed all of their personal items from the home? Has it been cleared of any remaining debris?.

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