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Where to Start? What is Your Home Worth?
Maximizing Demand
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What is Your Home Worth?

The short answer is: Your home is worth what some else is willing to pay you for it, at a price which you willing to sell for. Every home has a Comparable Market Value that can be derived by comparing it to homes sold recently, and close by. Properly presented, this should be a range that swings from about %15 below the average of homes recently sold, to as much %20 above.

Your next question should be: How Can I Market My Home In a Way that Maximizes My Value (reaches into the %20 above category)? The answer is exactly the same answer that you would have if you were selling a boat, a car, a stereo system or any other item that you could potentially want to sell. INCREASE DEMAND. So, how do you increase demand? You can do it in a variety of ways:


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