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Written by Steve Graham   

I am in the process of developing new products and services oriented toward Real Estate investors who purchase homes for their personal investment portfolios.  This is a challenging market for this type of investor and access to agents willing to support your goals and objectives (and not just their gross commissions) can be tough.

I recognize the value of investors as clients and am working hard to create programs and services which provide you with the information you need, in a timely fashion.  Programs are designed to reduce costs for transactions and provide leads for opportunities that are especially well suited to your investment strategies.

I frequently run into homes that are in the "paint and carpet" category, often with little or no realizable equity and motivated sellers.  These homes represent a unique opportunity for experienced investors looking for highly leveraged investments, and who have the experience, contacts and creativity to ferret out the opportunity.

The strategies adopted by Investors are extremely diverse, and frequently require "out of the box" accommodation from agents who can both understand and comprehend the structure of the Investors goals and their transactions.  I realize that many will require customized programs to be able to leverage access to Real Estate agents and I want to assist you with developing strategies and procedures that will maximize your efforts.

This new program will create a special group of clients who will have access to specific services and information designed to support your goals, as well as access to other investors who participate in the program.  My intent is to create a small community of common interest that will support your efforts and provide opportunities for networking and new idea sharing with others.

Please contact me directly for more information about availability.  Participation will be limited to a few select individuals in the beginning, as I work to define these programs.  You input is invited and welcome, please contact Steve Graham for more details. 


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