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The process of selling a home, then finding and acquiring a new home is both difficult and expensive.  It requires special sensitivity from agents with regard to timing, and cost management strategies designed to minimize transactional losses.

Not everyone is in the position to buy first, then sell (the ideal strategy - reduces loss from market price increases) but careful planning and strategizing can minimize or eliminate potential losses.

Participation in these special programs will require very careful and well prepared market analysis of your existing home to reduce potential time on market, as well as detailed and compelling offer preparation for any offers you may submit to the owners of the new home you wish to purchase.

Often we can setup transactions in fashion that allows you to sell your home concurrent to purchasing a new one.  This markedly reduces market pricing losses while financially accommodating homeowners who are unable to capitalize the ownership of two homes at the same time.

Homeowners who are moving into this area from either out of the county, or out of state will need agents who can cooperate with one another to effect the best scenario.  We would be happy to assist you in identifying an agent who is well suited to this purpose in your area, and who we can work with to get you the best return in your transactions.

Homeowners who are both buying and selling within our target territories can take advantage of our special rate programs which consider the opportunity for us to handle both transactions for you, and have commensurate reductions in costs.

Contact Steve Graham (Armstrong Realty) at (951) 833-5818 for more details about how we can help you get the best return on this scenario.


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