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Remote Buyer (relocation) Services

Remote Buyer Services

A special group of services for Buyers relocating to the Inland Empire.

We have enjoyed overwhelming response at MLSHomeQuest from buyers looking to relocate from areas outside of the Inland Empire.  This is a tough relocation, as it frequently involves less than frequent access to this area for previewing homes, and usually involves some sticker shock.

Homes in the Corridor running from the City of Ontario/Pomona on the North, extending South to Temecula, and including the City of Riverside and its suburbs present high values for Southern California, but are still quite expensive compared to most areas in this country.  Cost of entry can be quite difficult. 

With demand for this area projected to maintain or increase into the year 2020, they also have the potential for handsome equity accrual.  Tax advantages are high, resale typically quick due to demand.  Although it would be difficult to recommend any home as a short term investment, the demand projected to remain in this area for the next decade supports homes as investment vehicles for anyone who plans to live in this area for much longer than just a couple of years.

We realize the challenge of trying to identify and purchase a home from a remote location, and to ease this process are now offering the following suite of services for buyers looking into this area in this manner.

Remote previewing:

We will work with you to first identify potential candidates for a new home, then take the time to preview them in person.  While previewing them, we will photograph and document the homes in greater detail than what is typically found in a Realtors listing.  This will provide buyers with more of the information needed to concentrate a group of homes together in order to justify a trip into this area to preview them.  Buyers should be prepared to be in the area and available for previewing homes at least once a month.  During peak demand season we recommend being available to travel in at least once every two weeks until a home candidate can be selected.

Remote management for transaction responsibilities:

We will act as your eyes, ears, and local presence to monitor and enforce the provisions of any contract you participate in to acquire a new home.  While we cannot assume your legal responsibility, we will make every effort to assist you in acquiring the essential services (home inspections, disclosures, etc...) that you may need to perform, and overseeing their execution.  In doing so we will provide you with constant communication regarding the status of your transaction.

Identification of essential community support and services:

The process of identifying community organizations that you and your family can avail yourselves of can be difficult without easy access to this area.  Make a list for us (churches, boy/girl scouts, sports leagues, schools, community service organizations) and we will provide you with primary contacts for this area.  The Inland empire has one of the most active populations we have ever seen in this regard, and the choices abound.

Training in the use of essential tools that will make this process easier for you:

While some tools are fairly common and broadly used now (mapquest etc..), there are other tools you can use to refine the process of identifying and concentrating your home search in specific areas of interest.  We will take the time to acquaint you with the basic operational understandings of the tools you will need to use to be most effective from a remote location.  Many are available here at

Loyalty and trust:

We firmly believe in the pursuit of excellence in our profession.  We are not hard closers, and do not value the closing of a transaction above the complete satisfaction of our clients.  Upon entering into this program, we work very hard for you to ensure that you have the maximum number of good reasonable options to consider and that your interests are protected throughout your transaction.  Our Remote Buyer program aligns our interests firmly with yours, and ensures that we are both incented to seek the very best opportunity available for you.

Homebuyers Warranty:

There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and having a problem with something.  All remote buyer agreements come with a free one year warranty for your new home upon successful completion of escrow in a transaction where we act as your agents.  We want you to be happy here, and value your potential future business.  To this end we provide these warranties as a way of saying thank you for your patronage and in an effort to relieve one area of concern when purchasing a home.  Some exclusions will apply, where the commission we receive for a home sale is not sufficient to fund this offer after paying our normal costs and overhead for a transaction.  Exclusions are very rare.


  • Buyers must be pre-approved for their purchase if planning to finance their home.  We will need a letter of pre-approval from a known major lender to use in presenting any offers for a potential home.  Credit scores should also be included.  This information is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality and will not be released to anyone with your permission and approval.
  • Verification of any reserves you intend to use to acquire a home (any down payment or cash portion of a transaction).  We realize the sensitivity of this requirement, but it is almost always required by the agents of home sellers.  To be sure we are prepared to answer any request or query of this type from a buyers agent, we keep this on file where we can access it quickly in order to comply.  Most (ALL) agents who are acting in the best interests of their sellers will require this of us before accepting an offer on a home.  Verification typically involves the most recent statement you have from any reserve or cash account, with the account numbers appropriately whited-out.  Sellers are not entitled to your account number, only verification that you have the reserves required to complete the transaction.  Copies are kept on paper only, not entered into any form of electronic storage system by us, and destroyed upon successful completion of a transaction or termination of our agreement.
  • Your due diligence, self education, and time required to consult with us on a regular basis.  Time is of the essence in all matters relative to a Real Estate Transaction, and this is particularly true in high demand markets like those in the Inland Empire.
  • Execution of, and entering into an exclusive buyers agent agreement with one of our participating Real Estate agents.  These services are beyond the normal scope of responsibility for a Real Estate agent and represent a risk for the agent with regard to his or her time (which is their primary source of income production).  With assurances that they have an exclusive arrangement with you, they can devote the time required to providing these services while minimizing their own risk.  It also presents an opportunity for the agent as they are reasonably assured of income for their efforts upon successful completion of your transaction.  This solidly aligns their own goals with yours.  These agreements will not incur additional cost to you, as our participating agents have all agreed to accept the commission portion assigned to the selling agent by the contract that exists between the sellers agent and the seller.

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